Copwatch provide a customized service to the Hennopspark area.

Since September 2007, Copwatch is the preferred security service provider in the Hennopspark area.

Hennopspark is bordered by:

- Witstinkhout street on the Northern side

- Mopani street on the Souther Side

- Blackwood street on the Western side

- N14 on the Eastern Side

- Rhino, Tarentaal hoekie, Anderson and Roper street is also included in the designated area.

The customized service include:

- 24 hour dedicated response vehicle patrols

- 24 hour alarm/ cell phone panic monitoring

- 24 hour UNLIMITED armed response

- 24 hour medical response by 3rd party

- 2 x cell phone panic facility

- meet and greet service

- month to month contract

Feel free to contact us for more information on pricing of this service.