Armed Response

Armed Response

Armed Response is provided to our clients who wish to subscribe to this service. All the staff in this division is highly trained to handle any emergency situation with the necessary skill one expects from your service provider.

Unlike some of our major competitors, we like to keep our promises and for this reason, we are not committing ourselves to a specific response time. However, our past record indicates that the time it takes for our personnel to respond to the premises and secure the site was radically reduced from those of our major competitors. This is mainly due to the fact that we believe to concentrate our efforts within a given area or suburb, thus keeping delays to the minimum.

Response vehicles are clearly marked for this purpose, and are fitted with two-way radio communication as well as a hand held  radio through which the office can communicate to the Control Center once he leaves the vehicle.

All our vehicles are fitted with state of the art vehicle tracking systems, and our control center are able the know at all times the where about of all the response vehicles.

All vehicles are fully fitted with the necessary equipment to enable the officer to secure any situation as quickly as possible. These include a protected frequency for clear communication, fire-fighting equipment, bulletproof jackets and torches, detailed maps and first aid kits.